About Us

Big Trees Farm is our family’s hobby farm, located in the Saint Marks Community of Hogansville, Ga- approximately 5 miles off of Interstate 85 South.

It is called Big Trees Farm because…we have a lot of big trees! The large oak tree beside our home is one of the oldest in the county. We also have a giant holly tree and several giant pecan trees surrounding our home. Our trees are home to many species of birds, squirrels, and other wild life.

Our farm house, built in 1900, is also one of the oldest surviving houses in the area.

Our farm is a certified wildlife habitat. The gardens are grown naturally and set up to attract many beneficial insects, butterflies, and hummingbirds. We also practice intensive gardeningРgrowing large varieties of vegetables and herbs in small spaces, using vertical gardening techniques, succession planting, and focus on natural soil fertility. Our 29 x 28 ft kitchen garden is usually growing over 70 varieties of vegetables and herbs. We are also developing a small orchard and several butterfly gardens and nature trails for friends and family to enjoy.

We love to host international students, scholars, workers, and families at our farm. For information on opportunities available, visit our International Friends page. We are frequently working on various projects around the farm to help them have a fun experience while they are here. For a list of current and long term projects, see our Projects page. To learn about life at Big Trees Farm visit our Stories page.

2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. How kindly family you are! Thanks for your help, my daughter and I will back to China, but I will always remember the happy time I spent at Big Tree Farm!Always good luck!


  2. Many thanks to Trace and his family, you are so kind for inviting us and preparing so much activities for entertaining.
    We had a unforgettable happy day!
    Eric Zhang


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