Through the Seasons

first dafodilBig Trees Farm is in the state of Georgia, which is in the southeastern part of the United States. The seasons are often very different from each other. Spring brings beautiful new flowers such as daffodils, which burst out of the ground in early March (and even sometimes in late February). We have many flowering bushes such as Azaleas, and flowering fruit trees such as peach and pear.

The summers at Big Trees Farm are very hot. In fact, we usually do not have retreats in June, July, or August because of the intense heat and humidity. Most people stay indoors in their air-conditioned homes. escaped luffaHowever, summer also brings many more flowers, herbs, and vegetables. The season is just right for growing tomatoes, okra, and basil, and squash, which are frequently used in our recipes at home. One of the difficult tasks for summer is keeping our plants watered because the sun is so hot. It is almost a full-time job!

Fall at Big Trees Farm is one of our favorite seasons of the year. The weather becomes cooler, usually beginning in late September, and the leaves on the trees begin to change colors.
It is a beautiful reminder of the changing seasons.Leaves changing

During the fall season we complete our harvest of summer vegetables. We begin to plant fall vegetables such as cabbage, and collard greens. These vegetables enjoy cooler weather, and will often grow through our mild winters.

In the State of Georgia, the winter weather is very mild. However, some years we have snow or ice.



It makes a very beautiful picture at Big Trees Farm.

Although each season is different, we enjoy the changing flowers, trees, and weather.
What are the seasons like where you live?

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