harvest /ˈhɑɚvəst/

the amount of crops that are gathered

This summer has been hot! But we have still been able to harvest some things from the garden. Today we harvested peppers, tomatoes, and a few eggs from the chicken coop.


ulterior / uhl-teer-ee-er /

“ulterior motives” : a secret purpose or reason for doing something

Although she looks like a nice and friendly cat, I believe that our cat Bella has ulterior motives. Did you notice the book she is sitting on? The title is: A Choice of Crimes.


Forecast / fȯr-ˌkast / : to predict weather conditions on the basis of meteorological observations

Last winter, the meteorologist’s forecast was snow. He was correct. We had a lot of snow! We were surprised because the weather forecast is frequently wrong…

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