fluffy /ˈflʌfi/

covered with a soft material

Giselle is one of our new hens. She is very fluffy. She likes to fly over the fence.


full /fʊl/

it contains as many things, people, or as much of a substance as possible

This summer our peach tree was full of peaches!


fog /fôɡ/

A thick cloud just above the ground or sea that makes it difficult to see; a type of weather

This morning the fog was very thick. I could hardly see the neighbor’s cows!


hide /hīd/

to put or keep out of sight; conceal from the view or notice of others

Sam, our cat is trying to hide in this paper bag. He thinks we can’t see him!


Tiny /ˈtīnē/ :

something that is very small

Lauren found a tiny flower in the kitchen garden this spring. Isn’t it lovely?


Cute / kyüt/ : attractive or pretty especially in a childish or youthful way

This chicken is very cute! Her name is Matilda.


Giant /ˈjīənt/ : something or someone very great in size

We have giant pecan trees at our farm.

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