fallen /ˈfɑːlən/

to come or go down suddenly from a standing or high position

Oh dear! We came outside one afternoon, and this huge tree branch had fallen in our back yard. It is going to be a big clean-up!


flock /fläk/

a group of domestic animals, especially sheep, goats, or chickens, that are kept together

Uh oh! Our flock of chickens flew into the kitchen garden again. They are so sneaky!


ripe /rīp/

A fruit, vegetable or grain that is ready to harvest and eat.

This alpine strawberry was finally ripe, so I ate it. Alpine strawberries are one of my favorite fruits!


Beautiful / byü-ti-fəl / : Something that gives us great pleasure to look at, hear, or think about.

This sunset at Big Trees Farm was beautiful!

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