Word of the Week


harvest /ˈhɑɚvəst/

the amount of crops that are gathered

This summer has been hot! But we have still been able to harvest some things from the garden. Today we harvested peppers, tomatoes, and a few eggs from the chicken coop.


fallen /ˈfɑːlən/

to come or go down suddenly from a standing or high position

Oh dear! We came outside one afternoon, and this huge tree branch had fallen in our back yard. It is going to be a big clean-up!


fluffy /ˈflʌfi/

covered with a soft material

Giselle is one of our new hens. She is very fluffy. She likes to fly over the fence.


full /fʊl/

it contains as many things, people, or as much of a substance as possible

This summer our peach tree was full of peaches!


fog /fôɡ/

A thick cloud just above the ground or sea that makes it difficult to see; a type of weather

This morning the fog was very thick. I could hardly see the neighbor’s cows!


flock /fläk/

a group of domestic animals, especially sheep, goats, or chickens, that are kept together

Uh oh! Our flock of chickens flew into the kitchen garden again. They are so sneaky!


ulterior / uhl-teer-ee-er /

“ulterior motives” : a secret purpose or reason for doing something

Although she looks like a nice and friendly cat, I believe that our cat Bella has ulterior motives. Did you notice the book she is sitting on? The title is: A Choice of Crimes.


hide /hīd/

to put or keep out of sight; conceal from the view or notice of others

Sam, our cat is trying to hide in this paper bag. He thinks we can’t see him!


ripe /rīp/

A fruit, vegetable or grain that is ready to harvest and eat.

This alpine strawberry was finally ripe, so I ate it. Alpine strawberries are one of my favorite fruits!


Tiny /ˈtīnē/ :

something that is very small

Lauren found a tiny flower in the kitchen garden this spring. Isn’t it lovely?

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